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RV Ridley Thomas
The RV Ridley Thomas is a 61m long ocean going survey vessel last refitted in 2012 in Spain. The RV Ridley Thomas is equipped with a full ocean depth Simrad EM122 and high resolution Reson SeaBat 7101 multibeam echo sounders and state of the art geophysical survey equipment. The RV Ridley Thomas is capable of carrying geophysical and geotechnical surveys in 2,000m of water.
The RV Ridley Thomas is equipped with a V-Sat communication system for internet access and fast data transfer to shore base. The RV Ridley Thomas has carried geophysical surveys in all four corners of the world and proved to be a very reliable survey platform.

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RV Geo Explorer
The RV Geo Explorer is a 75m long ocean going survey vessel. The RV Geo Explorer was last rebuilt in 2008 in Singapore and has since carried out numerous geophysical surveys in South East Asia, the Middle East and East Africa. The RV Geo Explorer is currently the only commercially available survey vessel equipped with a start of the art Simrad EM122 1 degree by 1 degree full ocean depth multibeam echo sounder system. The Geo Explorer is capable of carrying out geophysical and geotechnical surveys in 2,000m of water. The RV Geo Explorer is a very comfortable and stable survey platform.

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K.M. EGS Surveyor
The. K.M. EGS Surveyor is a medium size (overall length 47.2m) survey vessel. The K.M.RV EGS Surveyor was completely refitted in 2010 in China. The K.M. EGS Surveyor is fitted with a hull mounted Simrad EM710 high resolution multibeam echo sounder and is capable of carrying out geophysical and geotechnical surveys in 1,500m water depth. The K.M. EGS Surveyor is also equipped with seismic spread to carry 2D hi-res geohazard surveys. The K.M. EGS Surveyor is the ideal survey platform for the Australian and South-East Asian Oil & Gas market.

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RV Geo Resolution
The RV Geo Resolution is the latest addition to the EGS fleet. Before her acquisition by EGS in 2014, the 68m long and 13m wide vessel was an US and later New Zealand Navy hydrographic survey vessel and as such is a comfortable an acoustically very quiet survey platform. During her conversion to a commercial survey vessel in Singapore, EGS have fitted the vessel with a dual frequency (24kHz/12kHz) Reson Seabat 7150-F full ocean depth multibeam system and a geophysical equipment suite capable to acquire high resolution analogue geophysical and in-situ geotechnical data to 2000m water depth.

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RV EGS Pioneer
The RV EGS Pioneer is a medium size (overall length 24.4m, draft 3.5m) vessel located in North West Europe. As an ex Norwegian SAR vessel she provides a very robust and seaworthy survey platform.

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KM Amertha
The KM AmerthaI is based in Jakarta, certified to survey in all Indonesia waters. This versatile, shallow draft vessel is equipped with an A-frame making it an ideal platform for near shore hydrographic, geophysical, oceanographic and environmental surveys.

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