EGS Completes Submarine Telecommunication Cable Route Survey for Trans Americas Fiber

The EGS Group was contracted Trans Americas Fiber to conduct a submarine cable route survey for the new TAM-1 cable system  connecting Florida, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Croix and Tortola. 

The work was undertaken by EGS’ survey vessel, the RV Geo Resolution, and was completed from March to June 2022.

Both shallow water and deep water survey methods were conducted to acquire high resolution geophysical and detailed geotechnical data for route and burial assessment.

More than 7,000 survey line kilometers were completed during the course of the project, covering water in the depth range of 15 to 8,150m.

Discussing the TAM-1 system, and the parties involved in the regionally important projectJulio Bran, Chief Executive Officer of Trans Americas Fiber System explained “The region is finally getting the state-of-the-art connectivity platform it requires to foster growth across industries, and further contribute to closing the digital divide. With TAM-1 we aim to increase access to information and make our contribution to improving the quality of life for the people in the communities we serve”. Expanding further Mr. Bran added “The launch of TAM-1 today comes as the result of an enormous effort from our founding partners Global Telecommunications Investment and LW Subsea Holdings, as well as the confidence placed in us by our anchor tenants and deployment partners AT&T, Xtera and EGS Survey. Over the past three years we have also been supported by numerous industry experts, including Arnos Telecommunications Services, Pioneer Consulting, Terabit Consulting, and Julian Rawle Consulting. The system will create a unique digital highway, specifically designed to meet the demands of our data driven age. Offering fluid capacity and bandwidth on demand, TAM-1 will provide customers with the tools and services they need to operate and upscale their networks in the most optimal way.”

Graham Evans, Managing Director EGS added “We were extremely proud to have been awarded the contract to perform the route survey for the new TAM-1 submarine cable system. Drawing on our experience of more than a quarter of a century supporting the submarine telecommunications industry, with more than 750,000 route kilometers surveyed; together with our industry leading survey technology and experienced personnel; ensured that the primary objectives of the survey, by delivering a secure route for the TAM-1 submarine cable system and obtaining high quality information about the seabed to facilitate optimal cable engineering, design and installation parameters, were achieved.”

The project was successfully completed on time, on budget and without any incidents.

Further information on the TAM-1 submarine cable system can be found at Trans Americas Fiber’ website:

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