Remotely Operated Vehicle

EGS has built many partnerships with many operators of large best-in-class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). With over 20 years of experience, our knowledgeable teams can operate in all water depths and environments.

ROV High-Resolution Survey

In EGS, we use cutting edge technology for capturing geophysical and bathymetric spatial data in deep water utilising Remotly Operated Vehicles (ROV).
EGS also provides survey solutions for different survey purposes on the subsea platforms such as ROVs and AUVs as a work horse.

Precise Bathymetric Data

When a deep water Multibeam Survey is conducted, the ROV is equiped with bathypack or digiquartz to aid the depth measurement accuracy. The precise subsea depth measurement is adjusted with a surface barometer reading.

The final depth product is injected to INS to aid the vertical accurcy of the INS too.

Subsea Positioning

The combination of the inertial positioning principle with the acoustic positioning system can provide a higher accuracy and more robust solution of the acoustic position.

In EGS we supply coupled INS and DVL, precisly completed to comply with the specifications of the hi-res surveys. The INS/DVL solution aids the USBL subsea positioning to a remarkable level of accuracy that is industry proven.

The INS works as a secondary motion sensor on the ROV to compensate acquired survey data for pitch and roll and yaw caused by the ROV.

The ROV is also fitted with environmental sensors such as MiniSVP and SVS to compensate the sound velocity varaiation through the water coulmn in real time.

Side Scan Sonar and SBP

EGS has aceess to ROV mountable cmbined side scan sonar and sub bottom profilers within the EGS group, such as EdgeTech 2000 series. SSS and SBP data are aquired and process with SonarWiz or EGS' in-house developed processing software "C-View".

Any objects of interest captured by SSS could be investigated further using HD cameras installed on the ROV.

Drop Camera and Eyeball ROV

To fulfil the requirement of visual inspection in shallow water in operations such as Anchor Clearance Survey, Pre-Lay survey, Shallow water touch-down monitoring (TDM) and trench/pipe-line inspections EGS utilise smaller camera and ROV solutions. EGS often uses Eyball ROVs such as Deep Trekker DTG3, a micro ROV for target observation in 40m water depth max, and Cameras like Spot X Pro Squid 2 for target observation in 40-100m water depth.

Deep Trekker DTG3

Deep Trekker DTG3 with 200m depth rating, 50m tether system, 8 hours endurance, 4K Ultra HD low-light camera to be used in water depth less than 40m.

In deeper waters or environments with high current this ROV could be deployed with a clump weight and a messenger line to the location of interest.

Spot X Pro Squid 2

Purpose-built system for viewing real-time underwater footage can be used as a drop camera/ towed camera. With built-in on-screen depth sensor and zero latency live video, Dual dimmable 1500 lumen LED lights and 150m of cable suitable to be used for depth between 40m to 100m.


VisualSoft Suit is used for the digital video capture, eventing and processing. The VisualSoft Suite is a modular range of software applications designed specifically for use during subsea structure and pipeline inspections.
As well as software for acquisition and archiving, VisualSoft provide a powerful software platform for offline processing of video and survey data. VisualEdit Professional is an automated data processing and data editing package which provides a fast and consistent method of processing survey data. VisualEdit Professional reduces the man-power required to process survey data and delivers a quality result that is repeatable and easily checked.

In addition to all three encoded ROV video cameras VisualSoft is able to capture and process the MBES or profiling scanner data to generate the cross and longitudinal profiles.

VisualEdit Professional offers a complete solution for automated processing of survey data.
The offline data processing features enable true auto-processing of cross profile (including Multibeam data) and survey track data using rigorous algorithms which reliably reject noise and smooth data.

ROV CP Survey

EGS use thetwin Ag/AgCl contact probe system, deployed by ROV to inspect the condition of offshore pipeline cathodic protection systems. Two high purity Ag/AgCl half cells are housed within a contact probe body, allowing contact and continuous potential & field gradient measurements to be taken.

ROV Magnetic Survey

The TSS HydroPACT 660 and TSS 440 coil system continues the legacy by bringing pipe and cable tracking and UXO detection capabilities to a range of ROVs from small inspection and observation class ROVs to work class and trencher ROVs. The TSS660 and 440 system is one of the best industry proven system which provides the position of conductive assets on or beneath the seabed.

EGS ROV Partner

To enable EGS to provide reliable turnkey services, EGS has formed strategic alliances with two major regional companies to complement its services globally.

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Available ROV Vehicles

Super Scorpio Work Class ROV

Super Scorpio Work Class ROV is a proven and reliable underwater workhorse, well-suited for Construction, Drill Support, IRM (Inspection Maintenance and Repair) and complex Intervention Operations. The vehicle is depth rated to 1000m, provisioned with 7-function and 5-function manipulators, and includes a high bandwidth fibre multiplexer configured to support 8 cameras (including HD) and RS232/485 data channels. The main drive is 125hp and includes an independent high flow work pump to service demanding tooling and third party equipment.

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Seaeye COUGAR XT Light Workclass ROV

2,000m-rated SeaEye Cougar XT is a compact, highly-flexible and extremely powerful electric Light Work-Class ROV. Designed for work in extreme environments, the Cougar XT is superior in power to inspection-class ROVs, without the complexity, inefficiency and environmental risk associated with hydraulic ROVs. Suited to light construction support, drill support and intervention and IRM, the Cougar XT is designed to carry a heavier payload, and Tamboritha’s Cougar XT includes a 5-function grabber and a 6-function working manipulator as standard.

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Seaeye Surveyor Plus Inspection Class ROV

EWith 125kgf of forward thrust, 108kgf of lateral thrust, and a 5-function working manipulator as standard, Tamboritha’s 600m-rated free-flying SeaEye Surveyor Plus ROV, is a compact, and powerful electric Inspection-Class ROV. Fitted with ten thrusters to provide more power than most Inspection-Class ROVs, and also a contingency measure to shut down some thrusters and still safely finish the work, the Surveyor Plus is a compact system that has been designed for survey, inspection and observation works. The system is ideal for drill support, and also has ample payload to accommodate a full survey suite including a TSS 440 Pipe Tracker.

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Super Mohawk II Light Workclass ROV

3,000m-rated Super Mohawk II Is a robust, durable and long proven ROV system designed for high payload, with plenty open deck space and skid mounted options. The subCAN control system provides advanced diagnostics, precise vehicle control and reduced reactive maintenance. Thus, the benefit of increased dive time, reduced vessel standby and operating costs. The system can be supplied as free flying or with Tether Management System.

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