EGS Group Technology
 & Equipment

EGS Group own a large pool of state of the art equipment utilising the latest technology to serve a diverse range of industries. The equipment pool includes equipment for geophysical, hydrographic, environmental and oceanographic surveys.

EGS Equipment Warehouses

Some of EGS' equipment warehouses in different regions

EGS Group Technology and Equipment

Multibeam Sonars

EGS Group own a large pool of state of the art multibeam sonar systems from different manufacturers.

The pool includes a variety of multi-phase echo sounders, as well as wide swath coverage systems, depending on the survey requirements.

Multibeam Echosounders

EGS own and operate a range of multibeam systems, including high frequency systems for near shore survey applications and target detection, and low frequency systems for mapping and reconnaisance in water depths of up to 6000m. Systems include Kongsberg's EM2040, for high resolution surveys, and Reson's SeaBat 7150-F, for full ocean depth surveys Many of the MBES systems operated by EGS can be installed on various survey platforms including vessels of opportunity and ROVs/AUVs.

Sub-bottom Profilers

EGS employ an suite of different seismic sources including pingers, chirps, boomers and sparkers, along with high resolution reciever arrays for each respective system. This includes our in-house C-Boom boomer system, which reliably acquires high quality data for a wide range of applications with penetration exceeding 100m below the seabed. EGS have also utilised parametric echosounding systems, which provide unparalleled resolution for shallow subsurface target detection. EGS also offer Ultra High Resolution Seismic (UHRS) and Multi-Channel Seismic (MCS) systems, utilising high powered boomers and sparkers, to achieve high resolution subsurface mapping of geological layers at greater depth.

Side Scan Sonar

From six to six thousand meters, EGS owned side scan sonars offer advanced sonar imaging for survey acquisition, UXO detection and search and recovery systems and solutions. For target detection to seabed characterisation, EGS can provide systems to achieve your needs.
We can also provide combined operations utilising integrated side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler systems, along with options for additional sensors including magnetometers.


Direct reading or self contained, moored or moving, the Sentinel provides precision current profiling data when and where you need it most.
EGS solutions for signal processing deliver very low-noise data, resulting in unparalleled data resolution and minimal power consumption.


The CTD is perhaps the most commonly used tool in an oceanographer's armoury, providing detailed profile and time series data on the measured parameters Conductivity, Temperature and Pressure, but more particularly the calculated values of Salinity, Density and Sound Velocity.
EGS offers a selection of instruments, from simple plug on sensors through hand held systems and devices for long term monitoring at fixed sites, to multiparameter profiling systems for deep ocean applications.

Sound Velocity Profilers

Sound velocity profilers are a crucial part of hydrographic and geophysical surveys, allowing accurate water depths to be calculated from understanding the varying sound velocity throughout the water column. EGS own a variety of sound velocity sensors and profilers from Valeport and RBR, widely accepted as the go to industry standard technologies. These are fully adaptable for a wide range of water depths and ocean environments.

Water Level Recorder

Tide gauges provide one of the most fundamental of all marine measurements - accurate tidal information. This is often critical for hydrographic data processing, and affects shipping routes, port & harbour operations, dredging operations, seabed infrastructure installation as well as many other applications.
If you are looking for tide gauge equipment that can be deployed for either shore-based or offshore applications, together with telemetry packages for secure data transfer, then EGS offers a comprehensive range of equipment for a variety of operations.

Acoustic Release

EGS Provides acoustic releases, transponders, mooring instruments, submerged device actuators, buoyant transponder systems, activators and recovery systems.


Positioning is fundamental to all offshore surveying operations. EGS owns and uses cutting-edge technology from companies including Veripos and C-NAV in a form that is standardised, upgradeable and flexible, while remaining simple to operate and maintain.

Heading Sensors

EGS ownes and opertes reliable, maintenance free surface and subsea gyrocompasses for it survey operations from reputable companies like SG Brown, TSS, iXBlue, etc.


EGS ownes high-performance fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOG) as well as POS MV systems with a range of sensor types, such as global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), to produce inertial navigation systems (INS) suited to all airborne, land and underground applications, along with all vehicle applications. These highly efficient and accurate geo-referencing systems are capable of accurately computing position and attitude in real time and in post-processing.

ROV Sensors

EGS ownes different types of ROV survey sensors from Mux/Demux systems to dual head profilers, subsea gyro, high definition cameras, laser lines, DVL, INS, etc.


EGS owns a number of POS MV systems, which provide accurate position, heading, attitude, heave, and velocity data for marine vessel and remote sensing equipment.
EGS also own and use Konsberg, TSS and iXBlue products for varying survey requirements.

Subsea Positioning

EGS own and operate various high performance acoustic susbea positioning reference systems, designed for tracking underwater targets such as ROVs, tow fish and to assist positioning dynamically positioned (DP) vessels.


EGS owns and operates Fusion 6G which continues to be the world’s most popular long baseline (LBL) acoustic positioning system by providing the most accurate method for installing subsea structures, tracking ROVs and conducting acoustic metrology. The system operates by measuring acoustic ranges to a seabed array of transponders.


EGS owns and operates both G882 and SeaSPY magnetometers for its geophysical and UXO survey applications.
The G-882 cesium-vapor marine magnetometer provides high resolution results in all types of survey applications, while SeaSPY magnetometers provide high accuracy data at any latitude and are proven to be reliable and durable in all conditions.

CPT Systems

EGS own Neptune 3000 and Neptune 5000 CPT systems. Designed and manufactured by Datem Ltd., the coiled rod Cone Penetration Test system offers push forces up to 35kN and push depths up to 20m. The systems feature real time control and in-build automatic safety cut-outs. The compact nature of both systems allow them to be mobilised from smaller geotechnical capable vessels.


The EGS High Power Vibrocorer has been designed as an easy to use, easy to transport modular system capable of collecting cores up to 6m in length.