Geotechnical Survey Services

To meet growing client demands for integrated
geophysical and geological data recovery, EGS operates
its own comprehensive suite of geotechnical equipment
for ground truthing in both nearshore and offshore environments.

EGS Geotechnical Survey Services

Pipeline, PLEM, SPM surveys
Submarine cable route studies
Ports and Harbour marine construction
Dredging and reclamation projects

Geotechnical Survey Services

EGS has steadily expanded its marine geotechnical capability to meet the increased demand for integrated geological and geophysical surveys from deep ocean to the water's edge.

Offshore equipment includes gravity and piston coring, vibrocores and Cone Penetrometer Tests, which can be operated in depths up to 3,000m. Nearshore capability also includes vibrocoring, 10T capacity seabed CPT and rotary soil and rock drilling and in-situ testing from floating vessels or jack up barges, for the intertidal zones less than 30m water.

EGS owns a DP2 Offshore Drilling Vessel equipped with compensated drill equipment, pipe handling and mud system. The OSV Geo Energy carries the following as minimum:

  • Single tower type construction with overall height 25m allowing the use of “range 2” (9.5Mtr) drill pipe.
  • Consisting a Braden CH 210 draw works winch with a mid drum line pull of 7,000KG, rigged at 4.
  • Compensator carriage (Travelling block) giving a SWL load of 25,000KG below the power swivel.
  • Rig systems are powered by 2 x electro hydraulic power packs with a combined output of 390KW’s.
  • Main Drilling Heave Compensator with a passive air over oil system which working stroke of 3MT.
  • Fraste Model R26D150 Power Swivel.
  • “Rooster Box” man riding platform which allowing the safe deployment of wire line sampling and testing tools through the center of the drill string.
  • Custom designed Pipe Handling System.
  • Equipped with a full set of A.P. Van den Berg CPT.

Download OSV Geo Energy Brochure here

EGS 25 Marine Drill Rig

The EGS 25 drilling rig, has evolved from an existing field proven design and benefits from the addition of a mechanised pipe handling system and other safety features and upgrades to produce a modern safe efficient rig that more than meets the challenging demands of today’s offshore geotechnical industry. The drilling derrick is a single mast of lattice construction with a compensated sampling platform enabling a safe trouble free deployment of drilling equipment and wireline downhole tools. There is also the option to install automated tool handling in line with industry initiatives to improve safety. The EGS 25 has a lifting capacity of 25 Tonnes to enable a drilling depth ability of 275 metres below the seabed in up to 150 metres of water when using standard 5” API steel drill pipe subject to ground conditions.

Geotechnical Laboratory

Onboard Getechnical laboratory is made available by EGS on board the OSV Geo Energy to fulfill the clients requirement at field.

EGS Jackup Barges

EGS own jackup barges for shallow water, coastal and port development getechnical survey purposes. They all come with a continerized solution, easily transportable and could be assembled at port or at the beach.

Seabed Sampling

Seabed and subsoil sampling provides geological samples required for geotechnical testing for engineering design as well as to ground truth geophysical survey results. Soil sampling also provides material for geochemical analyses for both exploration and environmental purposes. EGS successfully operates a number of seabed sampling and coring systems including:

  • Grabs (Van Veen, Shipek) and box samplers
  • Vibrocorers up to 7m length in 2 to 250m water depth
  • 3 to 6m gravity corers and 6m piston corers to 2,000m water depth
  • Soil sampling and rock coring to 100m below seabed from jack up or floating barges in 0 to 30m water depth

Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT)

EGS have carried out thousands of cone penetration tests (CPTs) across the globe. It is a cost effective method of measuring the geotechnical properties of the shallow seabed materials. Equipment is mobilized to site efficiently through a modularized approach where either inshore survey equipment is compact enough to be air freighted, or the larger offshore equipment together with offices, laboratories and workshops are containerized for shipping. EGS also owns standard 3m push, 100KN seabed CPTs with 10cm2 cones and 3m push sampler to 3,000m, and up to 30m push in nearshore conditions. Parameters measured by the CPT are:

  • Tip resistance
  • Sleeve friction
  • Friction ratio
  • Pore water pressure
Allowing interpretation for:
  • Soil type
  • Soil profile
  • Undrained shear strength
  • Soil density

EGS own a number of Datem Neptune 3000 CPT and Neptune CPS 10 units around the globe for immidiate mobilization as well as units installed on all of its survey vessels.

EGS-T 25 Marine Drill Rig

Subsea Seabed Samples Classification

CPT Tests at Field

EGS 6m Vibrocorer utilized offshore

EGS Getechnical Jackup Barge

EGS Land CPT Truck

The co-operation and working relationship between all parties during all phases of this project has been a text book example of how to conduct survey operations etc.

Holland, Geoff

I just wanted to take the opportunity presented by the end of survey data acquisition activities to say thank you and well done on the excellent performance of the EGS team through the execution of the works to date. Whilst I’m mindful that there is still much to do in terms of tide gauge recovery, data processing and deliverable preparation – the performance of all personnel involved to date from EGS and Broadsword has been exemplary and particularly, the professionalism and attention to detail of the site team. It’s also been particularly pleasing to see this complicated and challenging scope completed in such a competent and hassle-free manner.

Rhys Jones

I would like to thank you for this excellent survey. Your team was professional and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Philippe Hubert

On behalf of TOTAL E&P PNG and InterOil, we would like to express our gratitude for the efficient operation of the survey as well as safe and timely return to Port Moresby. It was a pleasure working with you all on the ground. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Anton A Safronov

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CPT System



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