Renewable Energy
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EGS offers a complete project solution
and can assist in all aspects from the feasibility
study stage through to installation and beyond.

EGS Renewables Survey Services

Desk Top Studies
Environmental Impact Assessment
Project Management & Client Representation
Site-Specific Surveys
Positioning Support during installation
Database Management

Renewables Survey Services

With a global target for the renewable sector to provide 60% of the world energy by 2070 and the EU targeting an increase in the proportion of energy consumption from renewable sources to 20% by 2020, the current focus is on the rapid development of the renewable power generation capacity up to a scale that will meet these targets.
EGS offers a complete solution for your project and can assist you along the way from the feasibility study stage to the installation and beyond.EGS (international) biggest market sector is focused on renewable survey services.
A large amount of the required power generation capacity is planned to come from Wind, wave and current driven offshore installations, providing additional challenges to developers and operators.
A detailed understanding and the ability to accurately assess the impact of the local geology and environmental conditions on the facility design, the export cables routing and the installation work are essential elements in the planning process. In addition, any potential impact in the environment has to be carefully considered together with any constraints which could affect the facility once it is operational.
All these concerns can be addressed during the planning and development of these offshore installations relying upon the expert assessment and competent advice of EGS.

EGS provides the following services to the renewable energies sector:

  1. Desk Top Studies
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment
  3. Project Management & Client Representation
  4. Site-Specific Surveys
  5. Positioning Support during installation
  6. Database Management

Desk Top Studies & Environmental Impact Assessment

By assimilating existing data from various sources, including published literature; EGS can build a baseline picture of the potential site-related hazards and constraints. This will allow for optimal design of the facility and assist the planning of the installation work.

Information included in the study can be tailored to meet site-specific requirements and would typically include:

  • Seabed bathymetry and geology
  • Environmental conditions
  • Local uses of the sea and seabed
  • Potential environmental concerns
  • Potential archeological issues
The desk study is the first step in the planning process and considering its relatively low cost, it can save time and money allowing potential hazards to be identified at an early stage.

An EGS differentiator lies in the fact that typically more than 90% of our staff are full time employees with less than 10% from the freelance market, this enables staff continuity from project inception to the issuing of the final deliverables
Graham Evans, EGS Business Development Director

Project Management & Client Representation

EGS can offer full project management of site investigations, cable route studies and the EIA process. Our highly qualified staff can also act as client representatives for fieldwork programs undertaken by third parties.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Preliminary environmental studies are a useful framework within which planning and installation considerations can interact with the environmental constraints. Through this process, essential for all the developers, it is possible to identify optimal solutions that avoid or limit adverse effects to the facility and the environment.

The key areas for consideration are:

  • The assessment of extreme and operational environmental loads on the offshore structures
  • The potential changes to the wave regime and current flow and the related variations in the sediment transport patterns and their impact on the coastal management strategies
  • Risk, reliability and economic viability assessment for the design, operation and maintenance costs

Furthermore, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies are required in the permitting process at each stage of an offshore facility lifeline, from pre-construction to decommissioning, through installation and operations.
EGS can assist the developers and operators in the EIA process with the provision of accurate and comprehensive environmental studies. Utilising strategic partnerships, EGS can provide a one-stop solution when a combination of data acquisition, modeling and specialist consultancy services is required.

Site-Specific Surveys

EGS can carry out cost accurate and effective site surveys and investigations, producing detailed assessment reports that can be used in the planning, design and construction of offshore marine and seabed installations and in the routing of the export cables.
Elements that are typically included in a site assessment programme undertaken by EGS are:

  • High resolution bathymetric mapping using multibeam echosounder data
  • Seabed geophysical surveying, including side scan sonar imaging, sub-bottom profiling and magnetometry
  • Oceanographic / Meteorological monitoring, including currents, waves and wind measurements
  • Environmental assessments, including benthic biological mapping and geochemical analysis

Positioning Support

EGS offers marine construction contractors various options for construction barge positioning including stand-alone vessel positioning and remote anchor management systems.

In addition to high accuracy surface vessel positioning, EGS owns a range of acoustic tracking and measurement equipment that can be seamlessly integrated into the barge or installation vessel’s survey systems.

Database Management

EGS offers database management services to optimise servicing of your assets and facilitate future developments of your offshore infrastructures. EGS employs a number of GIS specialists and uses various GIS software to suit your needs.

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