Ports & Marine Infrastructure
Survey Services

EGS specialises in hydrographic
and geophysical surveys for ports, construction and
reclamation works worldwide.

EGS Marine Infrastructure Survey Services

Petro-chemical refineries
Power stations and intakes
Sewer, desal plant outfalls
Ports and harbours
Seawalls, pipelines & bridges
Dredging & reclamation

Marine Infrastructure Survey Services

EGS services include environmental, metocean, geotechnical, geophysical and bathymetric surveys, and can be combined to present a one-stop-shop solution for clients and designers of coastal industrial developments such as:

  1. Petro-chemical refineries
  2. Power stations and intakes
  3. Sewer, desal plant outfalls
  4. Ports and harbours
  5. Seawalls, pipelines & bridges
  6. Dredging & reclamation

EGS has extensive experience in operating in remote or busy locations across South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This combined with our in-house skills and range of marine vessels and equipment allow EGS to build confidence with our Clients by helping them to solve their planning and project delivery issues.

Geotechnical Survey

3D Subsea Survey

Multibeam Survey

Sub-bottom layer Processing

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